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The Mottola Combined System (Cesspit Emptier plus Jet Cleaner) makes it possible to carry out vacuum cleaning of septic tanks and sewers while washing and cleaning sewage pipes with a high-pressure water jet.
This system is for all customers whose work involves emptying septic tanks and cleaning out sewage systems.
We aim to meet the requirements of different kinds of customers and so we have developed an extremely robust and high quality product.
Each tank contains 2 smaller tanks divided by a perfectly water-tight partition. The front tank is for clean water, while the rear tank is for sludge and has a hydraulically-operated rear opening.

On request, we can also supply our customers with the following equipment: tank with movable internal base to vary internal tank capacities according to specific requirements; central tank only for sludge with two clean stainless steel water tanks at the side, bolted to the chassis

We can provide tanks inn carbon steel and stainless steel (flowered finish on request).
Tank capacities range from 1,000 to 26,000 litres.
We can mount the combined system on a chassis with 2, 3 or 4 axles. Pumps are usually driven (vacuum, high-pressure and services) by a PTO mounted between the gear and differential, but when this system is fitted to a dumper truck, an auxiliary motor aids pump movement, making it independent and versatile.
Our wide range of vacuum pumps and high-pressure pumps allows our customers to choose the one that best suits their specific working requirements and vehicle.

We supply air and water cooled pumps as follows
air-cooled pump with air capacities:
  • 430 c.m./h, 490 c.m./h, 610 c.m./h, 730 c.m./h, 850 c.m./h with a 93% maximum operating vacuum

water-cooled pump with air capacities:
  • 620 c.m./h, 900 c.m./h, 1250 c.m./h, 1550 c.m./h, 1980 c.m./h, 3200 c.m./h, with a 95% maximum operating vacuum

high-pressure pumps:
  • 29.4 kw (40 HP) pump:
capacity: 105 lt/1’, 132 lt/1’, 163 lt/1’, 170 lt/1’,
pressure: 150 bar, 110 bar, 90 bar, 80 bar.

  • 62.5 kw (85 HP) pump:
capacity: 108 lt/1’, 171 lt/1’, 220 lt/1’, 267 lt/1’,
pressure: 300 bar, 190 bar, 145 bar, 120 bar.

  • 77.3 kw (105 HP) pump:
capacity: 134 lt/1’, 166 lt/1’, 210 lt/1’, 260 lt/1’, 314 lt/1’,
pressure: 300 bar, 240 bar, 190 bar, 155 bar, 125 bar.

  • 112 kw (150 HP) pump:
capacity: 194 lt/1’, 240 lt/1’, 290 lt/1’, 345 lt/1’, 405 lt/1’,
pressure: 300 bar, 240 bar, 200 bar, 165 bar, 140 bar.

On request we can also provide self-priming vacuum pumps or rotary blowers.

Standard fittings:
level gauges at the rear and on water tank,
manhole for water tank,
4” diam. hoses and valves for loading and discharging
vacuum system, suction system and high-pressure water jet from pump to reels,
rear banner reel with flexible 80 m hose
manual auxiliary reel with flexible ½’’ diam. hose,
high-pressure cleaning nozzle
side bodies for hose storage with hatches
mudguards and mud flaps for rear wheels,
yellow rotating roof top beacon,
set of cleaning nozzles.

We can provide many other accessories on request, including:
tipping tank,
manual or hydraulic hatch closure
Rear charge and rear discharge (pneumatic or manual operated) complete of hoses ,
4’’, 6’’ and 8’’ upper suction boom arm
discharge via hydraulic lobe pump with capacity from 200 lt/1’ to 2,700 lt/1’, hydraulic auxiliary reel
hydraulic rear reel for 180 m x 1’’ flexible hose instead of banner reel,
street-cleaning system connected to discharge pump or piston pump with front bar and spray nozzle
various calibre nozzles for different uses.
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