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Hook Lift
Officine Mottola designs and produces hook-lift cradles with a range of  equipment:
- fuel transport tanks with loading/ unloading system
- water (potable or industrial) transport tanks with loading/ unloading system
- waste liquid transport tanks
- cesspit emptier
- canal jet
- combined system (cesspit emptier plus jet cleaner)
The equipment is usually mounted on a cradle and an auxiliary motor aids pump movement, making it self-governing and versatile.
Tank bodies are in carbon steel and 304 or 316 stainless steel (also flowered finish, on request), with a minimum shell thickness of 4 mm and head thickness  of 6 mm.
Tank capacities range from 1,000 to 25,000 litres.

Our tanks are made from steel plating, and have a circular cross-section and a longitudinal expansion in 4 pieces, with a single longitudinal welded joint. This makes Mottola tanks much stronger and more resistant than transversally welded tanks, even in critical situations.
We can also provide a large range of other fittings on request, according to our customers’ specific requirements:
• loading / unloading system  with pump operated by auxiliary diesel engine
• waste liquid transfer system
• hose reel with flexible hose, nozzle and quantity gauge
• front bar for street-cleaning.

Officine Mottola s.r.l. - Strada Statale per Carbonara, 70019 Triggiano BA - p.iva. 03421140728
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